The Great A'Tuinment

Session 7

Chull Chull Chull.


As our heroes investigate the mysterious writing in the ground and argue about what to do next, a thunderous voice tells them to hand over the Eternal Hourglass. Several figures emerge from the stone canyon (literally from the stone) and attack our heroes. A vicious battle ensues, but the good guys manage to triumph. They interrogate one of the foes, who announces that he is part of the Druidic " Order of the Hare “, a mysterious group responsible for controlling the mind of A’Tuin and guiding him into the ”/wikis/red-comet" class=“wiki-page-link”> Red Comet (and the end of the Disc).

Moving on, The Told Ones discover a cave in the Ramtops. Half the group climbs over the cavern, and half go in. A random earthquake (prompted by the coming of the comet) causes a cave-in, trapping Loki, Lord M, and Dialyn inside, while Deck, Beau, and Sen’dai are rocked down to a canyon with a few tents and three hyena-looking creatures (gnolls) who attack the three heroes.

Inside the cave, Loki manages to gain control over a lobstery creature called a Chull, and uses it to dig their way out. Lord M stays behind the roast the creature, but is himself incapacitated.

Meanwhile, the other three defeat the gnolls, who say they were bestowed some special blood magic by “The King”, who passed by on his way to Cori Celesti. Running back to meet with their allies, they engage the chull, who is about to devour Lord M, and save his life. He begrudgingly thanks them, and the heroes move on to the Ramtops Train Station, where they ride down south to Wyrmberg, fabled home of the dragons.

Before they are able to pass by the Wyrmberg mountain, an enormous force rocks the train off its tracks and causes it to go flying off its tracks. Our heroes look up from the wreckage just in time to see a huge flying beast glide back towards the mountain…



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