The Great A'Tuinment

Oh, That Beau!

High-jinks ensued as The Told Ones ventured towards the Peppermint Hippo and Seamstress Guild (on a hint from Sergeant Colon at the Watch HQ). Mesmerized by a super-foxy troll singer at the lounge, the group failed to detect a head-clobbering from two buckle-filled purses courtesy of the Agony Aunts, Dotsie & Sadie, who brought them before Mrs. Rosemary Palm, head of the Seamstress Guild.

There, Beau tried to murder a bunch of hookers (when they’re dead they’re just hookers) while Sen’dai advanced the plot and found out that Mrs. Palm had been harboring the apparently-not-dead Queen Molly (former head of the Guild of Beggars) and the two planned to overthrow the dastardly Twiling, whose boy-sex-trade was really not cool. Eventually, everyone reconvened at the lounge and after some in-fighting, made their way (kind of) to the Guild of Lawyers.

There, Sen’dai intimidated the fuck out of Mr. Slant’s nerdy clerk, and convinced the poor sap to let them into Mr. Slant’s shady office in the Shades to find out “everything they needed to know” about Slant’s operations with Twiling. On the way out, an enormous explosion was heard, and the group found the Guild of Alchemists under siege by some rebellious golems.

After a heated battle and some last-minute help from the cavalry (led by Commander Vimes), the team spoke with guild head Lord Explosario III, who informed the team that the only way to control this many golems was with the Golem Manual, which the team then realized was missing from their backpack. They got some cool discounts on potions and went on their way…

…back to the Shades to meet Slant’s clerk, who let them into the offices. There, they found the file they were seeking, but unfortunately, all the pages were blank. Slant then revealed himself and launched into a well-prepared script, leading into the big reveal: that his nebbish clerk was, this whole time, Twiling in disguise!


Making Assassins Out Of Ourselves

The team not-so-stealthily entered the Assassins’ Guild, claiming to want to join their ranks. Dialyn attempted to sneak in invisibly, but was quickly discovered. They managed to gain audience with Lord Downey, head of the Assassins, who claimed that neither he nor any member of his Guild (to his knowledge) had anything to do with Lord Vetinari’s disappearance. He took an interest in the gang’s desire to possibly join their ranks in some form, but the adventurers decided to move on.

Next stop was The Mended Drum, a bar of ill-repute, for some fact-finding. Amidst a chaotic-yet-beautifully-choreographed bar brawl, the heroes managed to meet a talking dog named Gaspode, who informed them that they should try and track down Mr. Slant, the zombie-lawyer (that is, a zombie who is also a lawyer, not, as it were, a lawyer for zombies) — who Gaspode believed had knowledge of where the Beggars’ Guild was. He also made mention of some kind of crime kingpin. The plot thickens.

Another tip led The Told Ones to the undead bar Biers, where the helpful barman Igor gave up the location of Mr. Slant’s new law offices in the Shades. After some surprisingly-peaceful mingling with some of the bar’s undead buddies, and a strange vision in Beau’s mind of a room with a circle of empty chairs, the group set off for home…all except Sen’dai and Henry the owl, who tried to case Mr. Slant’s.

Using his awesome cloak to turn into a bat, Sen’dai investigated the location along with his rainbow-colored owl friend, and found the zombie hard at work at some documents, including a ship manifesto detailing the slave passengers aboard The Dredger. Henry managed to abscond with the document, seemingly without notice, and delivered it to his master, who noticed a familiar name mentioned at Biers: Reg Shoe. Meanwhile, Sen’dai was invited in by Mr. Slant, but decided not to take him up on the offer, opting instead to regroup with the team for some much needed rest, and to make a plan to confront the lawyer about the whereabouts of the Beggars’ Guild…among other things.

Splitting Up: Always A Good Idea

The Told Ones find themselves face-to-face with a bunch of pirates, who turn out to also be zombies and led by the pepperoni-smelling Captain Jack S’Barros. Loki and Lord M teleport to the ship, where they are taken prisoner and thrown overboard almost immediately. The rest of the team manages to defeat the remaining pirates and rescue their fallen comrades from the treacherous brine.

The Told Ones then ask around at the docks for more information. No one seems to know anything about the mysterious slave trade going on, but someone suggests they check out the Mended Drum…However, there is soon a near-civil-war as Deck and Beau hash out the whole “you killed my wife, you pyro bastard” thing.

Meanwhile, the group splits up to run some errands; always the hallmark of an exciting DnD adventure. The boys head to the “Underground Maul” underneath Burleigh & Stronginthearm’s dwarven weapon shop, where they encounter Madame Sharn and her mysterious black-market magic-weapon shop. Unfortunately, they are met with some resistance in the form of the cousins of the Duergars which the heroes left to rot back in the mountains, and a vicious encounter ensues. Victorious, the team purchases some cool crap, sells some less-cool crap, and moves on.

Lord M & Dialyn head to the temple of Blind Io, trying to find a home for the little orphan baby, but in true Lord M fashion just burn the place to the ground and gain some new followers. Dialyn tries to sell the baby to the Merchants’ Guild, but buys a guide book instead.

They all reconvene at Mrs. Cake’s and have her do some readings, which of course are very private and personal and not to be repeated in a public forum. How dare you.

With several leads but no clear answers yet, The Told Ones venture towards the Assassins’ Guild in search of more clues…

Session 13
Always Ask for a Receipt!


Heading to the Shades under the light of flickering lanterns, the gang enters an alleyway which suddenly appears much more sinister than they had imagined. A cackle in the shadows announces that they are not alone. They are suddenly surrounded by a group of Thieves’ Guild members who inform them politely that they are scheduled for their yearly union sanctioned mugging. Loki and Deck insist that they have already paid their dues for the year, but when their receipt ends up covered in spit and tossed in the gutter, it becomes clear that a Better Business Bureau complaint will need to be filed.

The light is suddenly extinguished, and the thieves begin their assault. Dialyn is stabbed first and suddenly is gone, although the group thinks they can hear from somewhere above the quiet recitation of Lord M’s manifesto. Sendai, very happy with the thieves’ overconfidence, in the cover of darkness quickly becomes Bat Monk and flies out of reach, as does Deck on his suspiciously aerodynamic broom. But as the battle ensues, it is really Lord M who leaves the most lasting impression, after nearly burning down an entire section of row houses.

Victorious, the boys tend to an unconscious thief that Beau has skillfully hog-tied (by means of hanging him out of a window via whip) and try to get information out of him. He tells them if they want answers, they can ask their boss at the Thieves’ Guild, but she won’t give up any info. “There must be some honor among thieves.” Lord M’s scare tactics seem to be getting the better of the prisoner, until a mysterious plot-arrow takes the man out of commission. Despite Sen’dai’s quick search, the shooter is not found. Loki tends to putting out the fires and also poor villagers. Dialyn finds a small baby in a torched house and goes to find its parents with no luck. She asks Sen’dai if he is familiar with an orphanage and he says only a little ominously that he ‘Knows a place they can go’.

They arrive at the lodging house of Mrs. Cake, a strange menagerie of tarot cards, crystal balls, and poorly trained familiars. The group wrangles a few of Mrs. Cake’s more mischievous pets, and in return she agrees to give them all some answers. The group disperses for a short rest, but Sen’dai and Mrs. Cake spend a long time in what seems to the rest of the team to be emotionally tense conversation.

While resting, Dialyn gets a message from Henry that the hand-off of Dibbler’s message-in-a-sausage has occurred, but he was not able to tail the dirty little child to the final meeting point. The group discusses options and agrees that the Docks would be a good logical place to stake out for a shipment.

Leaving the orphan temporarily at Mrs. Cake’s, they hide among some palettes at the dock until they see a ship, with the name " The Dredger " painted on its side, emerging from the ghostly fogskeleton.jpg in a distance. A group of pirates begins to lead what appear to be slaves in shackles, organized by a team of scruffy young boys. A figure in the shadows darts off, and when Dialyn attempts to follow him, the gang realizes they are surrounded – and apparently not by strangers.

One of the pirates recognizes Beau and begins to tell a tale that hits close to home for Deck. It appears Beau had at one point been working with a shipping company. When he found out the goods were actually slaves, he took it upon himself to burn the ships down. Funny enough, it turns out Deck’s ship was burned down in the same port! They also seem to recognize Loki.

What does it all mean? Was Deck a slaver? Who is the mysterious woman the pirates ask him about? How much did Beau really know about the ships he was sending off? Before more questions can be asked, several cannonballs rain down from The Dredger, and the smell of pepperoni overpowers all in the shipyard — as Captain Jack S’barros calls the attention of all to the top of the ship…and tells him men to get “All hands…on Deck.”

Session 12
DEATH and What Comes Next


Having survived the chaos at Princess Keli ‘s Birthday Bash, The Told Ones groggily wake up the next day and head for Susan Sto Helit’s Learning Through Play School, a wacky place where the kids are actually immersed right into their adventures. Where were these field trips when I was a kid?! Bronx Zoo, how about a trip to the actual ocean depths? That’s how our heroes meet Susan, flying in on a magic yellow coach through a portal to the sea. But first they have the pleasure of encountering the DEATH of Rats and his talkative companion, Quoth the Raven (hey, I didn’t write it…) who are also looking for Susan.

She seems reluctant to talk at first, but eventually reveals that she can stop time and is in fact the granddaughter of DEATH. The Told Ones ask if she can decipher the Faerune, but she is unable, and eventually tells the heroes “there’s someone you should meet.” She then opens a portal to DEATH’s dimension, a strange vacuum of a world with no sensory feelings whatsoever, where, to the adventurers’ surprise, they are met not with DEATH himself, but with his ancient butler Albert, who allows them to explore the premises. He also informs them that DEATH has not reported back or been keeping up his schedule, yet for some reason there seems to be even MORE death on the Disc as of late. Albert, despite his best efforts, cannot get in contact with his master or his horse-riding apocalyptic pals. Our heroes agree to help find DEATH (somewhere where there is an abundance of death), and Quoth and Death of Rats say they will be on the case as well. The Told Ones then explore DEATH’s chambers and notice some names in his schedule-of-deaths, including Arima, Marquis de Sod, and Vetinari, among others. However, the last entry checked off was for something called a “MILLENNIAL AUDIT” on April 15th.

Returning back to reality and thanking Susan for her help, The Told Ones buy some disguises and finally set off on horse-back (thanks to Princess Keli) for Ankh-Morpork. On the way, they meet Senior Postman Groat, who hands them a message of dire urgency from Lord Vetinari telling them to return to the city at once. Groat promptly dies from exhaustion, and his parrot companion flies off squawking “TRUST ME! TRUST ME!” before Deck managed to revive the fallen postman. There are no coaches, riders, and train passengers in or out of the city, but the adventurers do discover some bandits (the same ones they had encountered briefly on their way out of the city) hiding in an abandoned Clacks Tower. A brief skirmish results in several more unwarranted murders for the “good guys” to add to their list, as they leave the pitiful men broke and injured before heading to the city gates. An annoying conversation with a couple of guards, in conjunction with the seal on the letter from the Patrician, gains them access to the city, where they see many armed military men and people more nervous than usual. Ankh-Morpork is under Martial Law!

A copy of the Ankh-Morpork Times reveals that the Patrician has not been heard from, and Lord Rust has taken command of the city. The Wizards are complaining about a missing book, there’s trouble with the travel embargo, the golems are acting funny, and Mrs. Sybil Ramkin can’t seem to find her “dargons”. The heroes head to the Patrician’s Palace in search of answers, where a huge crowd is shouting for Vetinari. With a little help from William de Worde and the vampiric Otto Chriek of the Times, The Told Ones manage to get past the guards and enter, using some “clever” diversion tactics thanks to Loki to navigate to Vetinari’s chambers.

There they encounter Vetinari’s clerk Drumknott, who said his master had gone missing weeks ago and now his body is missing. Just as the adventurers are interrogating the poor sap, Commander Vimes and the Watch bust in, placing the heroes under arrest. A battle ensues, while Deck tries to keep the peace and his partners completely ignore him. Finally, Deck creates a massive sleet storm to end the fight, and the group agrees to go with Vimes to the Watch House while their letter and manual are examined and questions are asked.

While at the Watch House, the heroes meet one of the convicts they had released from the prison weeks ago, who was again jailed, having confessed to the murder of the Patrician. Vimes quickly reveals this to be a lie (even though the group seems to COMPLETELY believe him), saying he’s probably taking the fall for someone. Vimes’ forsenic scientist Cheery the (female!) dwarf proves Vetinari’s seal NOT to be a forgery, and the group is released. Vimes appears exhausted, saying the Watch is spread thin dealing with all the problems (and without two of his best coppers, Captain Carrot & Sergeant Angua), and even tells the heroes that they can be honorary Watchmen, and to look out for the gargoyle Watch-spy network headed by Constable Downspout, who can feed them intel. Before they head out, Sen’dai encounters Nobby Nobbs, who suggests they check out Lord Downey at the Guild of Assassins. Sen’dai realizes he recognizes Nobby, but from where…

As the group heads into the sketchiest part of town known as The Shades, they feel the shadows moving around them, and a sinister chuckle rise from behind the dumpsters…

Session 11
The Gang Crashes A Birthday Party


Before departing from Lancre for Princess (Queen) Keli‘s birthday party, the Told Ones learned that children from the town were disappearing in large numbers, mostly boys, but also the princess, daughter of King Verence and Queen Magrat, but unfortunately the next available train to Sto Lat would not leave until the next day, and they would miss the celebration. Desperate not to miss a good shindig, the Told One’s decided, hey, those children will still be missing when we get back to Lancre, amirite, let’s PARTY!

The Told Ones journeyed by train to Sto Lat for Princess Keli’s party, and in the absence of any external disasters, the Told Ones themselves wrought mayhem on the train: Loki with her horse who pooped in the train, Declan with his fast and erratic driving of the train, Beau with his cheating for Dialyn‘s sake at cards in an attempt to impress her, and then their and Sen’dai’s beating of the gamblers who just wanted a fair game. With heroes like these, amirite? The group also learned about Old Stump, which is Rimward and full of bugbear bandits.

Once in Sto Lat (which looks like Paris but smells like cabbage) the gang encountered Slit-Me-Own-Neck Dibbleaux, who proffered “cabbausages” (or sauSAGE cabBAGE). Upon Beau’s great insistence, everybody tried one, and almost everybody (a’hem, Deck) was able to keep them down. Dibbler told them that if ever the entire group was all together able to stomach his (or any of his cousins’) sausages, they would be privy to the secret of some great big sausage thing, I don’t know, it seemed weird and, like, who really wants it anyway, but there it is.

The group learned that fancy dress would be required for entry to the party, and so they went to a fancy clothing shop and those that needed them bought fancy clothes. Declan then went off to look for toads in the woods. It was gross and took a while, but he did it. He began to doubt the necessity of the witches’ strange requests. Dialyn and Loki went to the castle to acquire invitations to the party. There they scoped the lay of the land and set up sound equipment for Loki’s performance. Sen’dai and Beau paid a visit to Beau’s old fighting school, the Academy of Battlemasters. Did we mention Beau is classically trained? Yes? Well he’s ALSO classically trained. There they encountered Beau’s old teacher, Master Lewis, who informed them that the Consensual Rapier has been stolen and currently resides in Klatch. Beau’s old rivals, Stephen Serendipity and Ricardo Imperfecto, were racist assholes to our heroes, who then challenged said assholes to a dual, but quickly learned that not all battles are easily won.

The group reconvened, and Declan received a Clacks from his honorable Mayor Donkeyteeth, Esq. of Pseudopolis, stating that the Marquis de Sod had never made it to town, to which Declan responded by sending another Clacks to Duke Rodley of Quirm asking for clarification. The Told Ones then entered the party, which was attended by a vast array of colorful characters from around the Disc. Representatives from Tsort and Ephebe (Athens and Troy) were placed at tables across the room from each other but still made evil eyes at each other the whole time since they are at war over a very beautiful woman (DEFINITELY not named Helen), as was the case for the Uberwaldian werewolves (head family of the pack is Sgnt. Angua of the Anhk-Morpork City Watch. Her brother Wolfgang is itching for war with the…) and vampires (Count Redeyes, who abruptly left after receiving some unfortunate news, and Lady Margolotta, who was disheartened by the absence of a great old friend of hers from the party, a friend of high stature from Anhk-Morpork). Other contingents included a man with eyeliner and an ornate headdress from Djelibeybi (Egypt); Madame Butterfly from the Counterweight Continent (Asia) who Sen’dai gleaned seemed like she might also be aware that the Order of the Hare is attempting to lead A’Tuin astray; Lord Rust and guards from Anhk-Morpork, who mentioned Lord Vetinari had not been showing up to his typical obligations, and explained that the trains were no longer running to Anhk-Morpork because they had closed their borders due to a sudden large influx of people; King Verence and Queen Magrat, who were very distraught over the disappearance of their daughter, and accompanied by a witch-ish lady from Genua; two mates from XXXX getting pissed, wearing shark teeth necklaces and big hats, who may as well have been riding dingos; two people documenting the scene from the Anhk-Morpork Times; Duke Rodley of Quirm, who informed Declan that the Marquis de Sod had been dispatched weeks ago, and that a spate of disappearances along the route he was to take had been occurring; a group of religious-looking men with pamphlets; a group of dwarves with ornate armor and long beards; and an empty table from Pseudopolis. Whew…

Dialyn snuck around the castle, where she found her way to Queen Keli’s chambers. Armed with her knowledge of sewing and very clever and obedient rainbow-feathered owl, she helped to mend Keli’s dress and get her ready for the party, whose attendees had been growing very weary since food would not be served until Keli arrived. The group then skill-challenged the shit out of the party, preparing the guest of honor and quelling the mob from rioting. Keli made her grand entrance, and as per Sto Latian tradition, served dessert first in the form of a large Ferrari cake, which is way better than an Acura cake, let me tell you. Queen Keli was so happy at how well the party went off, she rewarded the Told Ones with gold, magic items, and each with a free voucher for any fancy article of clothing at any shop in the kingdom that they should desire. That is, of course, in addition to the mystical “Faerune” stone given to them by Magrat, which may hold the key to finding her daughter…but, as all good Side Quests go, can only be deciphered by a powerful cosmic being.

Sen’dai also tracked some thieves leaving the scene headed for Ankh-Morpork, and the Told Ones finally left the party and got some rest. They ventured the next day to the “Learning Through Play” School which Keli had told them was run by the daughter of her dear deceased friends Mort & Ysabell, and as they approached the front door, Beau deciphered the Latin-esque inscription on the door (did we mention he’s classically trained??):

Don’t Fear The Reaper.

Session 10
The Adventures of Flame-o the Clown


With Wyrmberg behind them, The Told Ones venture forth towards the next train stop, finding a bunch of groggy train passengers waking up, claiming they had all fallen asleep and woken up safe and sound. Deck sends for word from Pseudopolis via a " clacks ", a super-efficient messaging system which can transmit words and even images across great distances using a series of semaphore towers across much of the continent. Almost like some form of electronic mail. Who woulda thunk?

The train chugs on, finally arriving back in Lancre, where the group goes back to meet with the witches. Granny Weatherwax is found comatose, but it is figured that she has “borrowed” the mind of a raven, which leads them to Nanny Ogg, who goes off with Deck to do…something newtish. The rest of the heroes commune with another of the witches, Agnes (or is it Perdita?) who, despite her multiple personalities, tells the team that the Order of the Hare is an ancient group of “anti-druids” bent on destroying all life, and their leadership and numbers have been growing as of late, due mostly to the fact that most people on the Disc are a bunch of arseholes.

She further explains that if the group can successfully locate all 4 sets of the Sands of Time, they will delay the interrupted druidic ritual of tossing A’Tuin into the Red Comet until next year’s Hogswatchnight, at which point the timeline will “reset” and their ability to control the giant sky turtle will end. Yay! Now we know what the mission is for!

Suddenly, the door bursts open, and in rushes town blacksmith (and one of Nanny Ogg’s many kin) Shawn…or is it Jason…Ogg. He summons the group to the castle, but Loki and Deck remain behind to do some armor-smithing and maybe canoodling? The journey via horseback to Lancre Castle is brief, although Dialyn trots off for Io-Know-Where, and the remaining adventurers find Lancre in a state of grief. Some creepy clowning on the part of Lord M, and some regular only-semi-creepy questioning on the part of Sen’dai, reveal that the children in the town are slowly going missing. The town guard (yes, singular), Jason (Shawn??) Ogg tells them that worst yet, the toddler princess Esmeralda is among those kidnapped, and that they must seek out Verence the Fool King at the birthday party over in Sto Lat for more info (and deliver a real book of erotic fantasy to prove who they are).

Checking inside the castle, Sen’dai uses his history monk-ness to ascertain that a small shadowy figure arrived in the night via a strange glamorous portal and absconded with the baby through the window, but not before bending the iron gating and leaving bits of seared flesh behind. Children in the town, mesmerized by Lord M’s balloons and the group’s general “diplomacy”, reveal that there has been a strange fellow named Irling, or Twirling, or Irvos (they can’t seem to remember what) beckoning them to a part of the woods known only as the “Dancers”. Many of the children never return.

The group ventures back to meet Deck and Loki at the train station to decide their next move, reuniting with Dialyn along the way…along with a pair of hill giants, a horde of bullywugs, and worst of all…one of Blind Io’s rogue beholders! A vicious battle ensues, but with some quick thinking and epic teamwork, the heroes prevail, bringing the beholder back to his senses. He tells them they now have “eyes” on this region of the world. Bully for them.

But will the group have time to figure out the mystery of the missing kiddies before they must leave for Sto Lat and the pretty-pretty-princess party? What new information will the King have for them? And what the hell did Deck need that newt for?!

All this and more: next time!

Session 9
Upside-Down Cage Match


With half the group frozen in stone by the medusa-esque woman called Liessa Wyrmbidder, the outcome began to look grim indeed. Chastising our heroes for murdering the “innocent” red shadow dragon, mother to Oliver and mate to Errol, the Queen demands the Told Ones offer up their lives in exchange. She will, however, give the “dragon-lover” among them a fighting chance, and pits Beau against her top fighter, the dwarf barbarian who had come running out earlier: Erig Stronginthearm.

As Beau is lifted off the ground by Oliver (and Erig by Errol), Liessa cackles and sends her forces after the rest of the party. Meanwhile, Dialyn is confronted by a bugbear guard, whom she promptly disposes of, tripping over the unconscious Loki on her way back to the big fight. The ladies enter the fray to see Deck and Beau fighting for their lives, surrounded by a dozen Wyrmbergers. They offer some magical assistance, and quickly turn the tide of the battle, prompting Liessa herself to enter the fray.

High above on the ceiling, Beau and Erig are engaged in mortal combat in a series of upside-down-hanging metal rings which jut out from the ceiling and give the warriors questionable footholds as they clash rapier-to-battleaxe. While Erig’s stealthy defenses and unceasing rage seem to be giving him the advantage, Beau uses his dexterity to sweep Erig’s legs out from…over him, causing him to nearly plummet to his death. Some quick reflexes on Beau’s end save the dwarf, who concedes defeat, and they head back down to the battle below to attempt to quell the violence.

In her bowel-expelling rage, Liessa looks up at the descending young Oliver and turns him to stone, and the heroes are forced to act as one in order to keep the little dragonling from shattering to pieces. With a bit of luck and some quick magic dispelling courtesy of Loki, Oliver is unfrozen and manages to stop his crash-landing. The Wyrmbergers thank the heroes, restraining their mad queen and even going so far as to give the good guys a bunch of nifty items before sending them on their way. They promise to provide aid for the stranded train passengers, as long as The Told Ones vow to keep their existence a secret.

After a tearful parting between Beau and Oliver, the adventurers set off once again into the unknown…

Session 8
A Hair Raising Encounter


After a long journey back down the mountain, The Told Ones find themselves finally able to get a few days’ rest on the train. They discuss their options, and decide to venture forth to the Counterweight Continent, from Ankh-Morpork by way of Wyrmberg. Beau is extra excited at the sight of a Dragon he believes to be Oliver, revealing that he is in fact colorblind. While on the train, some of the heroes are reacquainted with some familiar old smells, and make their way to the back of the train car. While the gang tries to convince their hobo friends to bathe in something other than manure, Dialyn gathers a stockpile of hot pockets and Gnoll jerky, just in case they need dragon bait later. The gang returns with news of a plan to sneak into a grand princess party, but just as they are discussing their options, the train is rocked off its tracks by a large impact. With the train on its side and the next station 5 days’ journey away, The Told Ones set off to find help for stranded passengers in Wyrmberg.

The city appears to be housed inside a large upside-down mountain, through a curious door, and up a great many steps. Inside the mountain the group encounters a huge golden dragon, which seems to be brush off all of their attacks a bit too easily. Loki discovers that the dragon is a figment of their imagination, and everyone (but Beau) is able to block the dragon out of their minds. They discover a golden coin, and take it with them.

The group splits up and soon finds themselves in a series of puzzle-filled chambers. Beau and Sen’dai attempt to fight off golden armor which springs to life at the push of a button. Loki and Dialyn have Henry and a mage hand attempt to pull a series of levers in a locked room with a pit until Declan steps in and works it out himself. The group is reunited in a room with a large disc which seems to be balancing on a pinnacle. In order to counter-balance the disc they must coax a (uncharacteristically) brooding Lord M from his book. And it’s a good thing they do, because as Beau slides into a pit of muck they need all the extra fireball help they can muster to defeat the Roper inside and rescue Beau from a slimy demise.

Moving on, the team is finally able to cooperate as one in a room where they cross another pit of tarry slime, then navigate through a dark cavern ripe with photo sensitive bats, careful to put out the mopey Lord M’s flames. By this point, they have collected all but one coin, which is staunchly in place on the ceiling above them. No pull of mage hand or beak can budge the coin, but when Beau and Sen’dai retreat back to re-investigate the shiny armor (of course) they left behind, they inadvertently release a magnetic force with a button and Loki is able to collect the coin.

With all the pieces in hand, they arrange the coins in designated slots by type of metal to spell out Errol. At that moment, a huge red and black dragon, that is most definitely real, appears. The Told Ones fight the dragon to its death, out of what they saw to be necessity, but as the purple light goes out of the beast’s eyes, Loki and Dialyn begin to feel remorse. Declan, unspurred by the sadness in the creature’s dying form, begins to skin its hide as Dialyn runs from the room and Loki faints from despair.

A looming form enters the room, with a much less loomy, much smellier form, and Beau recognizes the smaller to be (actual colored) Oliver. Oliver mourns the dragon as a distraught dwarf begins to yell “What have you done!?” The Told Ones have slain Oliver’s mother, the wife of the large majestic dragon in the room, Errol.

A pile of treasure to one side and an exit to the back, the remaining Told Ones have little time to decide a move before a woman with dragons snaking through her hair appears atop a ledge, and with a few words of what could be sadness or anger, turns all who gaze upon her to stone.

Session 7
Chull Chull Chull.


As our heroes investigate the mysterious writing in the ground and argue about what to do next, a thunderous voice tells them to hand over the Eternal Hourglass. Several figures emerge from the stone canyon (literally from the stone) and attack our heroes. A vicious battle ensues, but the good guys manage to triumph. They interrogate one of the foes, who announces that he is part of the Druidic " Order of the Hare “, a mysterious group responsible for controlling the mind of A’Tuin and guiding him into the ”/wikis/red-comet" class=“wiki-page-link”> Red Comet (and the end of the Disc).

Moving on, The Told Ones discover a cave in the Ramtops. Half the group climbs over the cavern, and half go in. A random earthquake (prompted by the coming of the comet) causes a cave-in, trapping Loki, Lord M, and Dialyn inside, while Deck, Beau, and Sen’dai are rocked down to a canyon with a few tents and three hyena-looking creatures (gnolls) who attack the three heroes.

Inside the cave, Loki manages to gain control over a lobstery creature called a Chull, and uses it to dig their way out. Lord M stays behind the roast the creature, but is himself incapacitated.

Meanwhile, the other three defeat the gnolls, who say they were bestowed some special blood magic by “The King”, who passed by on his way to Cori Celesti. Running back to meet with their allies, they engage the chull, who is about to devour Lord M, and save his life. He begrudgingly thanks them, and the heroes move on to the Ramtops Train Station, where they ride down south to Wyrmberg, fabled home of the dragons.

Before they are able to pass by the Wyrmberg mountain, an enormous force rocks the train off its tracks and causes it to go flying off its tracks. Our heroes look up from the wreckage just in time to see a huge flying beast glide back towards the mountain…


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